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How Should The Elevator Steel Belt Be Replaced?

Why do more people choose steel tape over elevator wire rope?

1. Safety is stronger, each composite steel wire rope contains about 588-1176 high-tension steel wire, each composite steel belt can withstand 3200kg-6400kg force, each elevator is at least 3 composite steel belt.

2. Stronger corrosion resistance, steel in air and water easy oxidation rust, and zinc in the atmosphere corrosion rate is only 1/15 of steel, zinc coated steel strip is protected from corrosion with high-quality galvanized layer.

3. Long service life, compared with the elevator widely used steel wire rope, the composite steel belt life is longer, its life is 2-3 times of the traditional steel wire rope.

And the weight is 80% of the weight of the wire rope, less noise and other advantages…

How should the elevator steel belt be replaced? What are the important considerations?

1. The replacement of the elevator steel belt shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the elevator manufacturer, or at least shall meet the requirements of the strength, quality and design equivalent of the steel belt.

2. The elevator steel tape that has been installed and used on other elevators should not be used again.

3. The elevator steel belt should be replaced by the whole group, and single root replacement is easy to cause accidents.

4. The same group of elevator steel belts should be new elevator steel belts of the same material, grade, structure and size supplied by the same manufacturer.

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