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VIlla lift

VIlla lift

Our villa lifts provide powerful structure design ability and abundant installation experience always provide reasonable installation layout for your home’s space structure, and even a very small space can enjoy the noble lift of villa.

Aluminum alloy derrick

Independent frame glass design without additional construction cost, good light transmission, integrated with interior decoration; optional installation location, corrosion resistance, long life cycle, with industrial grade aluminum alloy, glass safety laminated glass.

Steel structure derrick

High-cost performance, the outsourcing board will be packaged by the decoration unit in the later stage and the design style is consistent, the installation position is optional, the surface is sprayed with anti-rust treatment, and it is corrosion-resistant.

Hydraulic drive villa elevator

The hydraulically driven home villa elevator adopts advanced oil cylinders, pump stations, and controls, and its high-precision proportional valve can realize stepless speed regulation, making the elevator run smoothly.

Steel belt traction villa elevator

The new steel belt traction home villa elevator product, the car wall decoration is inlaid on three sides, the middle decoration is detachable, different materials can be used, and the interchangeability is stronger, which can meet the diversified and individualized needs of customers.

Traction type villa elevator

Adopting the most mainstream traction drive method, it has the advantages of sensitivity and convenience, stable and comfortable operation, energy saving and environmental protection. The advanced machine-room-less structure has a small footprint and low civil engineering requirements, which can meet different types of villa structures.

Platform style villa elevator

Flexible platform home villa elevators provide white, transparent large glass swing doors and decorative mirrors with LED light strips, transparent large glass automatic double doors, sightseeing glass shafts and a variety of RAL elevator colors, suitable for installation in high-end villas and high-rise buildings duplex apartments and other household environments.

We can offer customized service.

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